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Email Appending Service: Add Missing Email Addresses

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There are a few instances when running an email campaign is better than a phone call or a postal mail campaign. After all, this is the digital era, and online communication is often a step ahead of offline communications. There are times, when you just have to go that extra mile and do more for audience engagement. These are the times when you realize how important data cleansing is for your business, or how much you stand to lose by not getting timely e-mail appending done on your marketing lists.

That’s because your b2b mailing lists are often lacking in necessary email data – a fact that often raises the inability to run email campaigns. Considering that email marketing is used by over 82% of b2b and b2c companies (Ascend2) there is little reason why you should not complement your marketing strategies with email campaigning as well.

What is Email Appending?

Email address appending is a marketing practice that takes existing client databases and matches it against vendor database to add missing email addresses to the list. It is a process of updating and validating existing business mailing lists with email addresses of customers to provide options for email marketing. Not surprisingly, marketers consider e-append as a smart and result-driven way to connect with old customers through contemporary channels of communication, to reactivate an old and non-responding prospect.


Why is it challenging to Append Email Addresses?

The very nature of the email appending process makes it necessary for both the marketer and service provider to work in collaboration. The time and quality of service provided depends greatly on the quality of contact database provided. So if existing marketing database is more or less up-to-date and accurate, the better will the quality of email appending service be.

Our effort on append email address will also depend greatly on the specific data requirements clients have. Whether you want a B2B email append or a B2C email append it all boils down to the fact that email addresses are hard to get, requires permission to be used, and at worst gets non-responsive with people changing jobs, location, roles etc. So yes, e-mail appending is a challenging task, especially when we have to take compliance issues, availability and usage into consideration.


How organizations are missing out by not Appending Email Lists

Regarded as a prominent email appending company we at Click Addictz are in favor of timely updates done to your direct mailing lists. Direct mail and telemarketing has its advantage but it is time consuming and often costly. Email marketing is a suitable alternative to that. When we append email addresses we make it possible to move beyond traditional channels of communication and embrace email communications as an alternative. Email marketing is a good option because:

  • There are almost 4.4 billion email users (2015) and it is estimated that there were almost 730 million business email addresses used in 2010 (The Radicati Group). Email marketing will help you to get connected to this audience pool without spending too much on your direct mail campaigns
  • Segmented and targeted emails generate almost 58% of all campaign revenue – so when you choose email marketing over other channels you actually save on time and money and improve revenue and ROI
  • Email subscribers are 3 times more likely to share your content via social channels than visitors from conventional sources (QuickSprout) – so when it comes to the matter of audience engagement, emails are once again a better way for communication
  • An email message is 5x times more likely to be seen than a post on Facebook – so if losing customers was a concern, email marketing is probably the answer for that as well


So yes! Email marketing is what your campaigns need. It is no use going on with conventional marketing techniques and expecting better campaign results. While purchasing email lists is certainly a proven way to succeed, let’s not forget to reactivate your old customers simply by ensuring timely email appends on old marketing databases!


How businesses benefit with Email Append?

Since profits and ROI are key metrics for analyzing the campaign performance, it has been seen that appropriate use of email marketing has helped organizations in gaining ROI of 3800 and more (DMA). With over 92% of online adults using emails, there is little reason why as a marketer you should not be doing more with it. So if you want the best email appending services for your campaigns, contact us at Click Addictz today! We have:

  • Extensive industry coverage with details of professions from retail, automotive, manufacturing, IT, healthcare, banking and financials etc.
  • Accurate data of prospects from the UK, US, Canada, Australia and other countries
  • Email appending pricing based on opt-in, opt-out and double opt-in options
  • Short turnaround and delivery cycle for data appending services for b2b and b2c prospects


So take this opportunity and do more for your business. Use online and offline channels for communicating with your audience to reduce marketing costs, mitigate risks of failure, and reach out to a wider audience base. With timely email appends your existing list will be able to perform better, in terms of improving ROI, accelerating online revenue, gaining new customers, increasing website traffic and more.

It is time for you to try our services for appending email addresses. Contact Click Addictz today and allow us consultants to guide you through the email appending process.

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